Six Steps to Re-Energize Field Sales Productivity

Location intelligence in Salesforce improves field rep productivity across each step of the sales cycle to maximize revenues and boost rep performance.

Top performing enterprises employ data-driven sales programs, enable conscious execution, and create constant measurement. Considering customer and rep location during each of these sales phases increases results, improves rep satisfaction and accelerates revenue attainment.

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  1. Building Optimal Territories - Location Intelligent territories balance workloads while maximizing capacity, with no added headcount.
  2. Efficient Scheduling - Ensure reps visit the right accounts at the right time with account prioritization scheduling.
  3. Optimizing Routes - Multi-objective routing creates the most efficient routes to minimize wasted time driving, maximize selling time, and avoid disruption.
  4. Asset and Field Rep Tracking - Real-time and historic tracking reveals planned vs. actual rep activity to aid in training, follow-up, and future planning.
  5. Map-based Visualization - Necessary information is easily accessible while on the road via a map-based interface.
  6. Automate Business Processes - Automate Salesforce record updates with the addition of location-data.

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Learn how to arm your field sales team with the location intelligence they need to maximize productivity and results.

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