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Time to Embrace Optimization

Let’s face it. Managing a field sales team that visits customers at appropriate intervals, doesn’t cost too much, and actually meets revenue and customer satisfaction goals, is a high art! And when it comes to measuring field sales success, using antiquated KPIs and SLAs, forget it. Intelligent routing and scheduling integrated with CRM is the answer for cutting-edge organizations in 2019.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How multifactor routing and scheduling can unlock revenue
  • How to build customer-centric territories that maximize sales rather than those based on spatial or geographic factors
  • How sophisticated, real-time routes and schedules maximize face-to-face visits with the right customers and reduce wasted time and expense
  • How to add accountability and predictability to field sales activities through Visit Frequency Agreements (VFA)
  • And More!

This ebook is a good use of your time if:

  1. Your field reps are missing opportunities or only visiting their “regulars”
  2. Your sales plan looks great on paper, but doesn’t track action or measurement of sales outputs
  3. You’re not sure whether your reps have too many accounts, or too few
  4. You need to make your CFO love you by reducing mileage reimbursement, fuel and maintenance costs

Learn how leaders in field sales are using route and schedule optimization to guide their teams to success. Join experts from MapAnything, Ventana Research, and Shaw Industries as we explore how to unlock savings, productivity, and revenue in 2019.